VIP 12 Month Body Transformation Program-




Trainer Pete here, I’m the owner of One on One Fit Studio, Inc.


We are a private personal training studio located in West Springfield, Ma.   We have been open since 2004 and have helped thousands of people like you lose thousands of pounds, shed body fat, gain energy, increase strength, and just overall live a healthier lifestyle.

I am super excited to announce we are opening back up applications for our “12 Month VIP Body Transformation Program” service here at the studio!

We just finished up with last years VIP clients and they have LOST OVER 100LBS!  Check out the video’s below.

We are looking for three new candidates for this program.   Since this is such a concentrated program we will limit this to only 3 new clients.

What you can expect from the program:

This life changing program is designed give you a highly structured, highly personalized 12 month exercise and nutrition program – no more guesswork about how to get the weight loss, fat loss, and fitness results you want.

This is not a quick fix program.   In this program you will learn the healthy way to lose weight and keep it off in the long run.  We will be with you every step of the way.  Motivating you and holding you accountable!

Who is this program for:

-It is for men and women aged anywhere from 18-70 who want significant and measurable results.

-You must have at least 75lbs to lose.

-You must be committed to changing your lifestyle.

-You must be able to commit to meeting with us 3 days a week and one extra session a month.

This is not a free program.  Those looking for free handouts, magic pills, or the easy way out need not apply.

To apply and find out the cost please fill out the application form below.

Check out our testimonial videos below to see some of the results we have gotten clients:


We are only taking on three new clients for this program.   If you meet the above requirements please fill out the application below. 

Is this your year to make all those changes you have been thinking about?   We would love to help!

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