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AJ won our 2017 Challenge with 15.82% of his weight lost in 8 weeks!


Scott won our 2016 Challenge with 11.98% of his weight lost in 8 weeks!


Kelly won our 2015 Challenge with 17.6lbs lost in 8 weeks!


Mike won our 2014 Challenge with 36.4lbs lost in 8 weeks!


Here’s what the Healthy by Accident
8 Week Weight Loss Challenge will do for you…

1. Healthy by Accident Challenge gives you a highly structured, highly personalized 8-week exercise and nutrition program – no more guesswork about how to get the weight loss, fat loss and fitness results you want in the shortest time possible.

2. It gives you hands-on coaching and hard-nosed
accountability from the One on One Fitness Team – installing into your mind and your life the fitness and nutrition habits for fast and long term improvement.

3. It gives you social support from other participants.  Together, as a team, we move
forward.  There is awesome power in this synergistic group experience.

4. It gives you a set goal to shoot for. This is about long term life changing

5. It gives gives you a big reward for your efforts even beyond the physical and emotional changes you will make. I will select one Challenger from the group who makes the most significant improvement, and award that person with $1,000!  Second place will be $300 and new this year (We will be taking your body fat % before and after) the person with the most body fat percentage lost will get $200.  There will be other small prizes awarded as well.

6. Most of all, it gives you new confidence each and every day that you are taking full
and complete control over your health, fitness, body and life. That confidence snowballs and compounds with each passing day – with each personal victory.  You come out the other end after just 8 weeks your are on your way to a new body, a new outlook, and new passion for

Q: How does Healthy by Accident Challenge work?

A: It is an 8-week coaching, workout, and nutrition program. You will meet with me or one of my trainers and in our first meeting your weight will be recorded.

We will personally set your goals and roadmap what you will need to do to reach these goals.

Each of the remaining weeks we will meet for at least 2 workouts a week (more if you like) either for one on one private training at your convenience or in one of our small group Bootcamp classes.

Small Group Bootcamp Class times are:

-Monday/Wed/Friday 6am

-Tuesday/Thursday 12:15-12:45pm

-Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm

-Tuesday/Wed/Friday 5:30-6pm.

-Monday/Wed 7pm

-Saturday 9am

We will weight you in every week to hold you accountable.

If you encounter obstacles, we will show you how to overcome them. We work together as a team for 8 solid weeks, every week you move closer to your goal. Results are guaranteed with this high level of accountability and precise, personalized fitness and nutrition programming.

At the end of 8 weeks all your weight will be taken one final time and the Challenger
with the greatest improvement will be selected.  The #1 Challenger (it could be you) will be awarded $1,000. But frankly, that pales in comparison to the reward of health and fitness!

Q: Who exactly is Healthy by Accident Challenge for?

A: It is for men and women aged 18-70 who want significant, measurable fitness results in just 8 weeks. If you want your best body, best performance and best health, this is the
scientific system for achieving it. You are welcome to tell your spouse or a friend about this program and have them apply as well.  However they must be committed to changing their lifestyle.

Q: What if I’m already a Client of One on One Fitness?

A: Great. Then we will discuss how to adapt your current training program to be aligned with the Challenge. You do not need to make any adjustments to your program,  we will handle everything.  The only rule is if you are already a client and came in the top 3 of any of our past challenges you must be within 5lbs of your finishing weight.    We want to encourage long term results.   You can still enter the challenge but your percentage will not count until you get to that 5lb mark.

Q: What kind of results can I expect in 8 weeks?

A: This will be based on your specific goals. We will spend time in your first meeting
determining exactly how aggressive you want to be, and then I will create your program
accordingly. With your commitment and our coaching, instruction and accountability, you can expect substantial results.

Q: How much does the Challenge cost?

This is not a free challenge so those looking for a free handout or a magic pill need not apply.  You must commit and work hard for this program to work.

For Private Training you will be billed two times.  Once up front for $320 and then $320 after the first four weeks.  This includes two private sessions a week with your trainer along with 24-hour access to the studio for in-between workouts.


For the small group bootcamp times will be billed $149 up front and $149 after the first four weeks.

Either way over the 8-week period, that’s $10 or less a day
to get the best looking, best performing body you’ve EVER had!

How do I win the $1,000 prize?

A: You follow the prescribed exercise and nutrition programs, allow yourself to be held
accountable by me, support the group, give 100% to yourself and your fellow Challengers
and get the new body and new life you want. If after the 8 weeks you have the highest percentage of weight lost you win the $1,000 grand prize!   Second place will win $300.  Using our brand new Body Composition machine, the person with the highest percentage body fat lost will also win $200!


Fill out the form below To Get Started With Healthy by Accident Challenge



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